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JJ Rich Demolition & Recycling

J.J. Rich Demolition & Recycling has worked to establish ourselves as experts in our field since 1976 and provides demolition to complete site restoration services. The need for a small, highly efficient company with decades of experience is highly sought after for challenging projects for government and commercial sites. With the owner personally working on every project, J.J. Rich provides a level of expertise and efficiency unpresidented in the industry.

  • One of the oldest, most trusted names in the business.
  • Fast, Clean, Safe
  • U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Owned Company
  • OSHA Certified
  • DEP Licensed
  • NJ Public Works Certified


Our mission: To provide the most efficient, safest, and productive projects using our experience and expertise to provide the customer a mutually beneficial result.


J J Rich Demolition & Recycling works for many types of construction projects, such as:  Residential/Commerical Buildings, Stadiums , Golf Courses,  Historic Preservation, Military, & much more!


JJ Rich provides many different sevices including, Selective Structure Demolition, Bridge & Building Demolition, Recycling of Concrete/Asphalt, Tank Testing & Removal and Restoration Work.


Check out our photo gallery of past projects by JJ Rich, including Pool Demolitions, Tank Removals, & Structure Removal. Contact us for Free Estimates on all services & Like Us on Social Media!